Monday, July 25, 2011

Finding hotels using your own criteria! "Pet Friendly", "Clean", "Safe"

One annoying problem with finding hotels is that you cannot look up hotels by the opinions of other users. This leaves you with no choice but to explore the reviews of each hotel and read at least 5-10 reviews to help you make a decision. This can often be confusing as you need to keep track of which hotel satisfied which one of your personal requirements.
With FindiLike Hotel Search, you can now look up hotels based on your opinion preferences. It recommends only hotels that closely match your criteria and you are visually informed about how well each of the hotels match your requirements. All you need to do is express what you would like to see in a hotel. Whether you are looking for "hotels with good customer service" or "hotels close to getty center", you would just need to specify using natural keyword queries. Here are some examples of what you can look for:

Los Angeles, California Hotels

Champaign, Illinois Hotels

Las Vegas, Nevada Hotels